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Alfies Clover dressage master classes paying off at Bramham

Alfies Clover and Richard put their best dressage foot forward at Bramham CCCI-L4* this weekend with a score of 32. They were just 6 points off the top dressage score and with no other penalties to add, they finished fourth in the event.

“Dressage scores are so often pivotal in a three-day event. When your horse manages to complete something like 30 complex jumping efforts with the time clock relentlessly ticking down, the quality paces in the dressage test becomes the key to winning,” said Richard.

Team Jones, and in particular dressage pro Victoria, have been putting a lot of work into Alfies Clover dressage at home and were thrilled that the hard work is paying off.

Alfies Clover gets a masterclass in three time changes training with dressage pro Victoria

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