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Richard Jones heads for resumed Badminton 5* Horse Trials on top ride Alfies Clover

Updated: May 10, 2022

Aiming for top-ten finish after showpiece event’s two-year break

Richard Jones and his top horse, Alfies Clover, are ready to hit the ground running at the 2022 Badminton 5* Horse Trials. This year’s event, which runs from 4-8 May, returns following cancellations for two years in a row due to the pandemic. Competition will be tough with the opening season showpiece event targeted by top riders everywhere but this year Richard is hoping for a top-ten finish.

He and his ride Alfies Clover are fully prepped for the event. With double clears this year at Lincoln OI and Thoresby Advanced, and only time faults to add, the duo are ready to go after a fraught two years of lockdown and cancellations. Last year there was only one 5* event on British soil to contest – the Bicton 5* event in September 2021 – where the pair finished an excellent 6th.

File photo: Richard Jones and Alfies Clover in action at Burghley, 2019 - Photo credit: Nico Morgan Media

“After a long layoff during lockdown and with so many cancellations including Burghley, we were all so lucky last year that the organisers ran the Bicton 5* event. We were thrilled that we finished 6th in a hotly contested competition. Badminton will be a tough test, with the top riders from the UK, Europe and some international contenders all coming,” Richard explained. “It would be fantastic if we finished in the top ten!” Watch this space for more Team Jones news in the months ahead. To read some of our recent media coverage and interviews, visit our 'In the news' section.

About Team Jones

Team Jones is based at Lowlands Farm in Rutland. Richard Jones is emerging as a top international eventer – in the top ten at Burghley and at Blenheim in 2018 – and his wife Victoria is going from strength to strength, building her international dressage career. The team has just finished a cross-country training field to add to their facilities so that training can go on for youngsters and established eventers alike.

Team Jones is sponsored by leading horse feeds manufacturers Dodson and Horrell, saddle pad designer Sedelogic, e-bikes provider Eco Voltz, sports photographers Julie Priestly, artist and photographer Deanne Ward, Stierna Equestrian Sportswear, equestrian glove distributor Hirzl UK, performance riding bootmakers Petrie, and IBA International media relations consultancy.

Find out about what’s happening at, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and check out the Instagram account.

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