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2019 in review for Team Jones, and 2020 and the Olympics just round the corner

2019 started off with all guns blazing for Team Jones – inclusion in the prestigious group of just five event riders selected by the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) for the UK Sport World Class Podium Potential Squad for 2019-2021, masterclasses with sponsors Dodson & Horrell, and a yard full of exciting event and Dressage horses.

After their superb placings at Bramham and Burghley last year, expectations were high for Richard and Alfies Clover, so it was disappointing that Badminton and Burghley did not go to plan this time. Bramham, however, was again happy hunting ground with a fantastic performance to finish just off the podium in 4th. And, of course, it was a real honour to be longlisted for the 2019 FEI Eventing European Championships.

Richard and Victoria Jones at Lowlands Farm

On the right rein

Another highlight was a hugely improved Dressage test from Richard and Alfie at Burghley to achieve a resounding Personal Best, largely thanks to the continued training of both horse and rider from Victoria. Their test this year would have enabled them to bring home the coveted top place – a goal which remains very much intact for the future!

Victoria has had a quieter competitive year than of late due to a change of horsepower. Herself and Extra II won not only all their advanced classes, but also took home top place in the horse’s Prix St Georges debut, followed by some great performances at Bury Farm High Profile, and she is busily training her bunch of classy young horses at home ready to make their debuts in 2020. She has also continued to confirm her position as a highly sought after coach of both Dressage and Eventing riders, with many of her clients achieving great successes across the levels.

Putting on the style

So now the pressure is off for a little while, Team Jones has turned its attention to upscaling it’s already enviable facilities as they prepare for 2020, with the Olympics and WEG beyond very much in mind. The jumping arena is being revamped and resurfaced to provide a fantastic 50x70 facility to include a full set of competition show jumps, dressage boards, and portable XC fences.

The XC schooling field is also receiving attention with some exciting new additions to test horse and rider and the walker is getting a revamp – it will now be housed under a fabulous new roof. Many more exciting projects are in the pipeline.

Tighten your girths for 2020

Team Jones is sponsored by leading horse feed manufacturers Dodson and Horrell, sports photographer Julie Priestly, artist and photographer Deanne Ward, and IBA International media relations consultancy.

They have now added Eco Voltz e-bikes to their list of sponsors. So full speed ahead for 2020!

Find out about what’s happening at, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and check out the Instagram account.

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